The Family Catechism
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Reviews of The Family Catechism
The Family Catechism is the first traditional Catholic catechism published in more than 40 years, and explains the Catholic faith in a child friendly manner. This 6"x9" beautifully and durably bound catechism contains 100 color illustrations and is an invaluable educational resource for children and their parents and teachers. - This newly published catechism is a delightful surprise and a very worthwhile project. I am sure the book will be helpful to many people. The information is simple, yet useful even for adults, and the colorful pictures will surely attract the attention of children. I have enjoyed looking through it and will keep it close at hand on my reference shelf! The Family Catechism was enjoyable to read through. It is very much geared to children with thought and care put into the presentation of the material;nicely simplified and explained. The pictures are all very charming with their feel of immediacy and innocence. The color quality is very nice and vibrant. My hope is that many souls both young and old are fed by such a treasure of our Faith Thank you for putting together this beautiful catechism. It is very inclusive, easy to read and the illustrations are lovely. It can't help but lead souls to heaven.
First Traditional Catholic Catechism published in more than 40 Years
The Family Catechism This is an exciting, easy to read, picture catechism that will be loved by both young and old. Up ‘til now, parents and teachers who wanted to bring traditional Catholic prayers, hymns and teachings to their children had to use catechisms with black and white illustrations that did not appeal to the children of the 21st century. The Family Catechism fills this void. It contains the traditional prayers and hymns known to all Catholics before Vatican II. Written for children, it will appeal to all Catholics who want to know the traditional teachings of the Church on the Sacraments, Ten Commandments, Holy Mass and more. They will find The Family Catechism both educational and enlightening. This heirloom quality, 120 page catechism with 100 colorful illustrations will prove invaluable in preparation for First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation and in the classroom.
Catholic Prayers and Hymns Proofs for the existence of God Explanations of o The Blessed Trinity o Angels o Saints o Apostles o Evangelists o Ten Commandments o Laws of the Church o Holy Days o Seven Sacraments
Preparation for o First Confession o First Holy Communion o Confirmation Explanations of o the Mass o Vestments o Benediction, o Liturgical Colors and Seasons Serving section with phonetic pronunciation of the Latin responses
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